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I took down her telephone number in my notebook.

I often wonder if I will ever get married.

We gave all we had.

They arrived in New Delhi on July 9th.

I hope Miriam is OK.

I couldn't bear it.

Give me a pint of Guinness.

You shouldn't have gone to visit Russell alone.

Just tell them I'm a consultant.

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You don't listen, do you?

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All but two members of the Conservative Party lost their seats in a federal election. One wag joked that their entire caucus could now meet in a telephone booth.

Let's go for a walk to the mountains.

Ross seems to be trying to change the subject.

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We're too vulnerable.

He is a self-made man.

Is Isabelle happy?


Deborah really regrets being an only child.

I can't think of anything that I'd like better.

I am going to remove the appendix.

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Did you paint this?

Other people at the meeting didn't agree.

Parents love their children.

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He shook me awake, shouting, "A fire!"

I forgot you were on the volleyball team.

I want to make a difference.


Everything was done in accordance with the rules.


I thought I'd answered all your questions.

George didn't know what Jeany had to do.

We love our mother almost without knowing it, without feeling it, as it is as natural as to live.

John played guitar and his friend sang.

Although it's "Mac OS X", that doesn't mean that the Mac OS code itself has been upgraded to a new version.

Just you be careful.

Dimetry was at the bus stop ten minutes before the bus arrived.

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Takao kicked a chair in anger.

Vickie finished everything on his plate.

The dictator seized power in a military coup.

I regret that I couldn't go with her.

He was like a ninja hiding behind one of our cars!

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Harry got another message.

I had to do everything by myself.

He has taken to drinking since the death of his wife.


I have to keep on working.

Jeany, would you show Sonja how to use the scanner?

Wouldn't it be great if Kurt won?

That's the reason we need to fight.

I parked around back.


You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

He should be here soon.

I forgot that Francis was coming to dinner tonight.

Can we bring Ritalynne?

Jacob handed the picture to Sanity.

I'm not permitted to discuss that with you.

Bill and his younger brother are nothing alike.


Shirley wished he hadn't promised Manolis he'd go to Boston with her.

If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything.

She's from Portugal.


They were on the lookout for a storm.

I don't feel like playing either.

You logged on ?

My hair is longer than Jesus's.

Happy birthday, Aiba!


Jim likes to play the drum.

You should have learned how to swim when you were young.

Reading is a great enjoyment to him.

Lance is already up.

Nothing's good enough for us.

You should definitely tell Wade the truth.

He studies the Bible.

It is possible that I have forgotten my keys.

This is the last time I'll apply this ointment on my skin.

Takao and Rob moved into their new house.

The concert is beginning now.

He has a special regard for her.

I should've checked with you first.

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You were the one who gave this to me.


That's what resolves the question.


She doesn't wear makeup.


I have a problem.

The next two years were busy ones for Jackson.

I try to write at least three blog entries a week.

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Revised raised his hat.

Jarvis heard a car door slam.

John likes lying at ease on the sofa.

Lenny's response surprised everybody.

She has three teeth out.


Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

Occasionally, things don't go as planned.

Most Americans can speak English.

What is he running after?

Not only does Triton orbit Neptune in a direction opposite the other moons, but it is made of rock and ice. This is very different from Neptune's other moons.

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Two is the only even prime number.

Why doesn't he talk to me anymore?

It's really not that hot.


Honey and milk are under thy tongue.

I should've been more polite.

A dish can be seasoned without becoming spicy.

The river's water level has risen.

He doesn't understand the youth's speech at all.

Five hundred soldiers were sent to the city, and less than half of them survived.

The art teacher paints at night.

Sorrel is a little nuts.

Reading classics is not easy.

Juan drank a shot.

I favored the hypothesis.


Participation in a strike does not entitle the employer to terminate the employee's contract of employment.

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Years of effort came to nothing.

I was wondering if you might be able to help.

You gave it to us.

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The flowers will brighten up the table.

They listened to the teacher with their eyes shining.

You need a towel, don't you?

Don't blame me for what happens.

What will my parents think?

Manjeri isn't very good at playing the devil's advocate.

Only three people survived.

Kenton is going to take you home.

You also know Mr Kimura very well.

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The proof of the futility of harsh drug laws is this: in the country that has come down the hardest on drugs and drug users, spending billions of dollars in a decades-long war on drugs, there have never been so many drug addicts.

She likes you!

We should always wear a seatbelt in case we have an accident.

I was informed of his failure in the examination.

How do I sign up?

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Sedat played the tin whistle when she was young.

Bill doesn't know any of the details yet.

Patio dining for breakfast is widely practiced in urban areas of France.


I bared my soul to her.


I know you worry about him.


If anyone should phone, say I will be back at one o'clock.

Guillermo's probably sick and tired of the way Donna's been behaving lately.

These three hours of driving have worn me out. Let's stop at the first rest area we see.

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How do you decorate your house for Christmas?

I don't understand either.

You will hide it, won't you?

Look at this book, this page is cool!!

The road ascends gently here.

Did you know there are carnivorous tortoises?

Leon likes jazz, but I don't.

Great-Grandma is the undisputed matriarch of our family.

I spent the whole day thinking about Raman.

Boyd denied the accusation immediately.

The baby has pretty little fingers.

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No one ever notices second place. Either you're a winner or you're nobody.


I said sorry, didn't I?

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It's the third of October.


He knows ten times as many English words as me.

We don't know if he killed himself or if he was murdered.

They've stopped smoking.

I didn't find any jokes in this book.

I'll agree to your terms.

When did he come here?

I'll get Meg to do my work during my absence.

Sanjib is a few inches shorter than Clem.

James knew what he was doing.

Do the first example in your workbook.

I'll do what I want.

Classes at the community center are free.

There's a big hole.

Jesus isn't young anymore.

There's more than one way to do it.

Lukas and Amir are at home today.

Martin's innocent.

Mike loves me more than you.

They endured many difficulties.